you can call me vasya or alek(sander)
im a minor please mind that if u interact w/me ^^

- i have no opinion on most stuff, im morally grey 99% of the time
- i will mostly respond fastly due to my insomnia
- computer science major in highschool!!
- im a tech nerd
- i randomly go inactive or deactivate my accounts
- im a fudanshi so i talk a lot abt bl
- im a chronic bookworm so i read books 99% of my time

shu itsuki, rei sakuma, kaoru hakaze, yjh, sp, kdj, hsy, ysa, uriel, sung hyunjae, han yoojin, argenti, sunday, vyn richter, towa, noiz, cheng xiaoshi, lu guang, qiao ling, kanade yoisaki, felix louise-claude mont d'or, seele vollerei.

orv, link click, s-ranks that i raised, the earth is online, lotm, turning, slow damage,dmmd, visual novels,hsr, hi3rd, aaside, enstars, hypmic, muse dash, tears of themis, computer viruses, maths, quantum physics, art, books overally, webnovels, dead plate.